• Becky Lyne – European Bronze Medalist 800m – 2006

    Posted on October 9, 2013 by Andrew in Blog Updates.

    Becky lynne“I was incredibly fortunate in my career as an athlete to
    travel to some great places and to meet many amazing people that have enriched
    my life in so many ways. And so it is just wonderful to see that such a
    dedicated, knowledgeable, passionate and friendly (to humans and the
    environment!) team has created this incredible opportunity for aspiring young
    athletes across Europe to train, learn and compete together. I have no doubt
    that those that attend will emerge better prepared for the world of
    athletics; stronger
    both mentally and physically. And I also have no doubt that it will be lots of
    fun, with many enduring friendships made along the way.
    I cannot urge you enough to seize the chance to be part of this
    fantastic venture – and
    Good luck to the ESCCO Team. Keep up all your great work.”

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