Becky Lyne


  • 18th in first ever CC race in primary school and 2nd on the B team.
  • Training 3 times per week finished 47th in the English Schools Cross Country championships. 800m in 2:25.
  • Participated in many sports in secondary school and decided on athletics in year 10.
  • 2nd in English Schools 1,500m and 800m personal best of 2:15. Year 11, 800m in 2:14. Year 12, 800m in 2:07. Final year in school, 800m in 2:05.
  • Focussed on doing what was needed to develop her running in school. Physio, strength work, flexibility work.
  • Between 2000 and 2005 went to Loughborough University in the UK and Butler in America.
  • 800m progression between 2000 and 2005 – 2:05, 2:02, 2:01.7, 2:01.2 and 2:01.9.
  • 2001– European Junior Champion
  • 2003 – European u/23 Champion.
  • 2006 to 2012 – Became a professional athlete.
  • 2006 – European Senior Bronze Medal in the 800m. P.B. for 800m 1:58.2 and 4:06.85 for 1,500m. 3rd fastest 800m athlete on UK all time list.
  • Travelled the World as a professional athlete. 6 years discovering her journey as a full time athlete and all the highs & lows involved with doing so.
  • 2012 – Set up ‘Tryumphant Youth’ and ‘Tryumph Health’ in the UK to promote health and fitness in the UK school system and with adults.
  • Becky Lyne is an inspirational person who is sharing her knowledge and experience as a world class athlete to everyone she meets and more importantly as a woman who is continuing her journey to promote health and fitness. It is an honour to have Becky as an ‘Athletes Leader’ at ESCCO 2014.

View this presentation to learn more about Becky.

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