We are grateful to all our supporters

All of the team at ESCCO would like to say a very sincere thank you for all your time, energy, support, funding and belief for the inaugural European Schools Cross Country Open. With all of you, from all levels of input and presence, you have helped make this happen. Below is a list of all who were involved. Thank you all. From Andrew, Maria, Javier, John and Bethsi.

Schools who attended

 Businesses, volunteers, funders, supporters of ESCCO 2014 and our Crowdfunding project

IES Felo MonzonA huge thank you to the over 70 volunteers from the TAFAD center at the IES Felo Monzón Grau-Bassas in Tafira. You were all inspirational on the day and we learned a lot from you in the short few hours of the event and look forward to working with you again next year. Muchas gracias a todo/as. Click on image to go to their website.

logoBSporty_mini (1)


Thank you to Bethsi, David and Caco from Club B-Sporty in Santa Brigida. Bethsi and David, you know how much we appreciate your help in all aspects of the organising of ESCCO 2014. Looking forward to starting the athletics club with you very soon. Click on image to go to their website.


Orientgc logo 3

A huge thank you to all the team from Club Deportivo Orientagc, Manolo, Gaston, …… and all the team who came on the day to not only provide the chips and helpers to keep results of the event but for their complete support of ESCCO 2014. This was the first time in athletics to use chip timing in this regard for a cross country relay event and Gaston’s vision in making it happen was incredible. Click on the image to visit their website and see what they are doing for the sport of athletics in the form of mountain running.



logo-del-instituto IES Santa Brigida

The Secondary School in Santa Brigida were instrumental in ESCCO 2014 happening. All of the students who competed did so with distinction and it culminated with many podium finishes for all boys and girls teams. They were also fully active in a volunteering capacity and were lead by Cristina Cardenes who not only lead by inspiration in helping us prepare the course physically, Cristina also gathered many students to help with the reforestation projects that will be ongoing at the ESCCO site in Santa Brigida. Thank you been part of this inaugural event. Click on the image to visit the website of the IES Santa Brigida.


Paco y Gloria


Paco and Gloria are the two artists who designed and made our unique medals and trophies made from all natural raw materials from the earth here in Gran Canaria. Thank you both very much for your amazing creations.



Damasi Gran Canaria


Thank you to David Rodriguez and all his team at Damasi. David is a member of the UAVA athletic club here in Gran Canaria and for the 4 years we have been organising events and training camps here we have had the pleasure to meet David at many events and to see and hear about his work for athletics. He has supported us at all of our events and ESCCO 2014 was no exception with his presence on the mic for the whole event and his team providing bouncy castles for the kids. David and his team are a very positive sign for the future of athletics here in Gran Canaria. Visit their website to learn about their services for organising events.



Club Deportivo Villas Claras


Thanks to Raul and all the team in Club Deportivo VillasClaras for their great presence on the day. They had Zumba, Kickboxing and Karate classes that had hundreds of kids dancing and moving and learning. Their workshops complemented the whole aspect of ESCCO 2014 with incredible energy and music flowing from their space for the whole morning. Click on the image to check out their facebook page.



La huerta de los niños teldeThank you to Juana Maria and the team at Granja Escuela La Huerta de los Niños. You were amazing on the day with your workshops on bread making and having seedlings of a huge variety of vegetables for the primary school kids to take home with them. Inspirational…Click on the image to visit their facebook page and see the amazing workshops they do with school kids from all over Gran Canaria.


Espacio AE


Thank you to Giana and all the team at Espacio AE.





Fruteria la villa santa brigida







Atlantic Synapse




Loype Eventos





club deportivo canarias 50





Eco Crowd Funding

Thank you to Santiago and all the team at Eco Crowd Funding. A Gran Canarian based company who we collaborated with to help raise funds for ESCCO 2014. Visit their website to see their work.

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