Terms & Conditions

1st European Schools Cross Country Open

Santa Brigida, Gran Canaria

15th – 22nd February 2014


Invitations to participate in the European Schools Cross Country Open are being sent to schools all over Europe including schools athletics

associations, national athletics federations and governmental departments of sport, education and environment. Every country in Europe

will receive an invite in some form.


2.1. The competition is open both to school teams and individuals. In some cases, where countries do not have any schools at all strong

enough to send a team, a regional team or National team may be sent. Countries cannot register selected teams only without prior contact

to the organising committee.

2.2. There will be a competition and prizes organised in the following categories:

– 1st, 2nd and 3rd individuals in all races.

– school teams boys in all ages (1st, 2nd and 3rd)

– school teams girls in all ages (1st, 2nd and 3rd)

– selected teams boys in all ages (1st team only)

– selected teams girls in all ages (1st team only)

Each student may only compete in one team.

2.3. All students in the school team must have been enrolled at the same school since the beginning of the school year 2013 / 2014. All

students of the selected team must have been enrolled at a school in the Country/region concerned since the beginning of the school year

2013 / 2014.

2.4. Each team shall be composed of up to 6 students and 1 teacher / coach. 4 will score in the team competition.

2.5. Each teacher/coach shall be the sole intermediary between his/her team and the organising committee. Where a school sends

more than 1 team, extra teachers/coaches will be necessary.

2.6. Each participating team has the right to include a maximum of 2 additional adults whose function must be specified: doctor,

physiotherapist, interpreter, security personnel, ministerial representative, journalist, …

Any other additional persons will not be considered part of the official delegation.

2.7. Students must be enrolled as full-time students at the school which they represent. They must be attending schools which provide a

general education.

The following are not eligible to participate:

2.7.1. pupils of vocational schools who only attend that school as a complement to their vocational training

2.7.2. school teams and pupils enrolled at schools which provide sports training without any general education

2.7.3. teams formed as part of clubs, companies, universities or other institutions


Visit www.escco.es for a comprehensive programme of the event, the running camp and all activities associated with both.


4.1. Travel as far as Las Palmas Airport, Gran Canaria, is to be arranged and financed by each participating team. We can, and will be

more than willing to, help with any enquiries with finding the best routes, airlines, possible stop offs and combinations to make your

journey easier to arrange.


5.1. In return for the entry fees, the organising committee will be responsible for board and lodging for participants for the duration of the

event, for the competition and the programme of activities and for all transport in connection with the official programme (arrival,

departure, competition,excursions and  activities).

5.2. The total payment to be made to the organisers of the European Schools Cross Country Open amount to 349 EUR per person for the

duration of the week.

5.3. The price of 349 EUR will be for those who stay for 6 or 7 nights. Contact the organising committee for prices if you wish to stay anywhere from between 1 night through to 5 nights. 

5.4. For those who need an extra 8th night due to travel arrangements, PWWT Gran Canaria will arrange your stay and transfers at no

extra cost.

5.5. For additional adults the following regulation applies:

– for a single room 89 EUR per night, per person,

– for a double/twin room (2 additional persons) 50 EUR per night each,

– for a double/twin room (1 additional person + teacher/coach) 50 EUR per night each.

Requests are to made by the teams concerned.

5.6. The organisation of an extended stay for anyone (before or after the event) is a matter for the team/individual concerned. It shall not

be the responsibility of the organising committee.

5.7. Each team/individual is required to provide insurance for each member of its squad/oneself. At a minimum the insurance is to cover

civil liability, material damage and medical costs.


6.1. Each team must pay a deposit of 100 EUR per person as confirmation of the entry. The deposit must be paid as a single payment for the

whole squad/or individual by those responsible for organising their respective plans.(schools, federations, associations, individuals…)

The sum of the deposit will be deducted from the total cost of participation.

The sum of the deposit is non-refundable in the event of non-participation unless the delegation has informed the organisers at least 1 month before the start of the event or in case of force majeure.

The latter instance will require the approval of the organising committee.

6.2. The deposit is to paid to the following account :

Name of the bank: Banco Santander

Address: Santa Brigida 5510, Santa Brigida, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

BIC (Swift Code): BSCHESMM

Payee: Professional Warm Weather Training Gran Canaria, C/ Satautejo 42, Santa Brigida, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

IBAN: ES82 0049 5510 5323 9537 5686

Reference: ESCCO 2014 + name of the participating country

6.3. The balance in cash in EUR is to be paid on arrival in Gran Canaria (bank- and credit cards will not be accepted) or may be paid in

EUR to the organisers’ bank account before the 5th of February. 

6.4. All deposits must be paid before before 31st January 2014. 

6.5. All bank charges (for both deposit and balance) are to be met by participating teams and individuals.


7.1. Each participant is required to be present throughout the whole duration of the event.

7.2. Each participant is obliged to take part also in all of the non-sport activities.

7.3. Each team undertakes to compete against all other participating teams.

7.4. Each participant undertakes to compete against all other participants.


8.1. Distance to run:

Junior Girls: 3,000 meters                              

Junior Boys : 4,000 meters

Intermediate Girls : 3,600 meters                   

Intermediate Boys: 5,000 meters

Senior Girls: 4,000 meters                             

Senior Boys: 6,400 meters

8.2. Teams scoring system:

– Every registered team is composed of up to 6 participants but only the 4 best runners will score for the ranking of teams.

– The team with the lowest total score will be the winner.

– In case 2 or more teams score the same number of points, the winning team will be the one of which the fourth participant will be the best


– School teams and selected teams will be classified separately.

8.3. Prize-giving.

The first three individuals in each race will be awarded medals.

The teams finishing first, second and third will be rewarded with medals and trophies.


The ELECTRONIC ENTRY REGISTRATION FORM on the www.escco.es website should be duly completed at the latest by 31st December 2013.

All enquiries, questions or help in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact us at www.escco.es.