Race Details


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Course Details

Start S – Finish M – Approx 200m (S/A >> B >> M)

Small Lap (SL) – Approx 400m (S/A >> B >> H >> S/A)

Medium Lap (ML) – Approx 1,000m (S/A >> B >> C >> D >> F >> G >> H>>S/A)

Large Lap (LL) – Approx 1,400m (S/A >> B >> C >> D >> E >> F >> G >> H >> S/A)

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Course Details

The course is over very fast and undulating compact earth. The first 200m, A – C, rises slightly. The next 750m C – D – E – F – G  is fast running as the course drops almost 20m in height over the 750m. Great underfoot terrain as the athletes pass through a lovely technical part of the course, F – G. This is a young palm tree reforestation area. From G you have what will prove to be the toughest part of the course with one short steep hill and drop before immediately rising again for well over 100m to the top end of the course. This hilly section of the course runs along side a cliff edge with stunning views into the mountains. The course turns back for the start again at H with a nice recovery 150m before heading into the last 200m of the race to the finish M. The finishing run, S – M, is about 200m long and is a great finish to the last leg of the relays and to all the primary schools races also. 

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Race Distances and Age Groups

Benjamines Boys & Girls – 600m (1 Small Lap + Finish Straight S>>M)  

Alevines Boys & Girls        – 1,200m (1 Medium Lap + Finish Straight S>>M)

Infantiles Boys & Girls     – 1,600m (1 Large Lap + Finish Straight S>>M)

Friendhsip Relays Girls u/15, u/17 & u/19  – 1,400m>>1,000m>>1,600m 

Friendship Relays Boys u/15, u/17 & u/19  – 1,400m>>1,400m>>1,600m

Combined Friendship Relays Girls Race    – 1,000m>>1,400m>>1,600m

Combined Friendship Relays Boys Race    – 1,400m>>1,400m>>1,600m

Benjamines – 8 & 9 years old

Alevines – 10 & 11 years old

Infantiles – 12 & 13 years old

u/15 Age Category – 13, 14 and under 15 years of age on 31st July 2014.

u/17 Age Category – 15, 16 and under 17 years of age on 31st July 2014.

u/19 Age Category – 17, 18 and under 19 years of age on 31st July 2014.

Any number of individual school kids can compete in the primary school races. There will be a team prize for the winning team in each primary school race for both boys and girls. The team must have 6 athletes to count for the team prize.

Requirement of 3 athletes per team in the ESCCO Friendship Relays. All schools can enter as many teams as the wish. If schools have athletes who wish to compete in both in this event but don’t have sufficient athletes to make a team, they can join with other individual students from different schools to form a School Selection team.

The ESCCO Combined Friendship Relays will be selected at random on the 18th of Fenruary, the evening before the event. These teams will be made up of 3 athletes. One u/15 athlete, one u/17 athlete and one u/19 athlete. These same teams will be made up of one athlete from a Canarian public school, one athlete from a Canarian private school and one athlete from an International school.

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8:00am   Organisors, officials, judges & volunteers meeting.

8:30am   Course open for inspection.

10:00am  Benjamines Open (8 & 9 year olds boys and girls) – 600m

10:20am  ESCCO Friendship Relays – Girls u/15, girls u/17 and girls u/19

10:50am  Alevínes Open (10 & 11 year olds boys and girls) – 1,200m

11:10am  ESCCO Friendship Relays – Boys u/15, boys u/17 and boys u/19

11:40am  Infantiles Open (12 & 13 year olds boys and girls) – 1,600m

12:00pm ESCCO Combined Friendship Relays – Girls

12:30pm ESCCO Combined Friendship Relays – Boys

13:00pm Prize Ceremony/Food/Activities

10:00am – 16:00pm   ESCCO 2014 Friendship Relays and ESCCO Innova Environmental Fair & Gymkhana

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Toilets-Wheelchair Access-Changing rooms

M – Main arena. Race registration and check in. Toilets and showers. 

N – Main sports centre and swimming pool.

P – Viewing point for wheelchair users.

R – Extra toilets on the course for athletes.

S – Wheelchair toilets. 

T – Presentation, food and activities area. 

↔↔↔↔↔ Course access.

↔↔↔↔↔ Wheelchair access to course. 

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Wheelchair Access

There is full wheelchair access to the course and main arena M. Wheelchair users will have access to the live broadcasting area, P. Toilets in sports centre, S.

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